Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brother Deluxe Vintage Typewriter

As promised here is one among the first typewriters I bought in Germany: A Brother Deluxe Typewriter made in Nagoya, Japan and in fantastic conditions:

As you can see the machine even had the original documents 

and really few signs of usage 

The line is unique and special to me - somehow 60's or so :) 
What is peculiar on the German vs Swiss German keyboard is the letter ß missing on the Swiss one
(and capital Ö Ä also missing on the Swiss German ones)

closed - very nice case almost as new 

so following my first typecast perhaps now you can understand how hard is to say no to such goodies: the price here is very low and it is really a masterpiece of its time. All in metal, made in Japan and really compact. From the photos I expected it much bigger but it is roughly 30 cm x 31 so really small. Not too tall either 


  1. Beautiful machine and very well-preserved, as you say. Very nice shade of blue, too.

    Do you find that you significantly prefer German keyboards to Swiss-German ones? What do you use on your personal computer - I opted to get a Mac with qwerty, but with all the switching between keyboards, I end up making mistakes!

  2. I am 100% Mac - macbook air (new one, the old version was very slow) and imac in office. The keyboard on the macs are basically Swiss ones which is really fine ! On typewriters I don't mind Swiss keyboards either but, sometimes, I prefer the German ones because of the capital Ä Ö and the funny ß that on an address looks very interesting !
    What I really decided is to keep only Typewriters with Swiss or German keyboard. Thankfully this is something I decided early on :)
    Obviously this wasn't enough to stop the invasion given that ebay Germany is full of gorgeous machines :) look forward to blog about the Kolibri and other special ones :)
    thanks again for reading this

  3. Do you know where to buy new ink for the brother de luxe?

  4. hello there! i just found the same typewriter on our attic. does anybody know where i can find the complete manual? would be nice if anybody could help me :)

    greedings from austria!

    PS: my englisch is not the yellow from the egg - but it goes.

  5. I can testify to it being a nice machine to look at - I picked one up today .. looks like new.

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