Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halda typewriter is here !!

Hello Everyone !
I think I didn't wait a typewriter as much as this one  (beside, perhaps the Brosette). First a bit of background information: last night I wrote to Adwoa lamenting that my last purchases on Ebay and other local classified sites yielded some bad results.
Two of the Erica I bought from Germany were in fairly bad shape (especially in therms of smell!) and the Swiss Junior that I picked up yesterday has a defect that makes the gap between the normal and capital letter too wide. Of course it can (and perhaps soon) will be fixes. Yet I was disappointed.  Adwoa  came to rescue with some wise advice: this is pretty normal and not every typewriter can arrive in an immaculate status. Perhaps I was spoiled by these that I bought directly from her... but just few hours later she was proven right :)

The Halda portable typewriter  designed by Carl Malmsten is here: 

She says hello :)

As you can see in the photo this typewriter is in very pristine conditions. There are few signs of usage yet, according to the serial, P 96864 it was build in 1957 and is one of the few Swedish made typewriters 

This is a fairly rare brand but it was the favorite typewriter of Hemingway and, his typewriter, is going at 100,000$

As you can see from the photo my model is not the same as the Hemingway one yet it is small and very solid  - while I am not entirely sure about how rare it can be I haven't seen many on Ebay

The Cover has a very nice way to open up, unseen in any other typewriter I own. It remains linked to the body in a very ingenious way - in other typewriters I own I admit that opening up to change the ribbon can be a bit scary. In some old ones I feel that it could break up !

here again a detail of the opening 

This has a German keyboard that is perfect for me. It was sold in Austria so it includes capital ÖÄ and the funny ß that is normally not part of a Swiss typewriter 

The carriage is also very smartly made. Note the detail on how it goes exactly over the top of the typewriter

It was originally sold in Vienna, Austria

More Photos

Very nice logo :)

Pretty Portable ! 

The action is just fantastic. Like new. It types very fast and very well too. The typeset is not really elite or pica: perhaps closer to elite but the L and other letters are very special.  I am pretty much font obsessed and the typeface on this one is just gorgeous !

Margins are smartly well hidden on the back  as you can see on the following photos:

see now the margin setting portion well covered

I really think that it would be difficult for the other typewriters on their way to me (Consul, Groma Kolibry, Tippa Gosser Red and well, too many) to top the performance and beauty of this one. So, for the the time being, I will be using Halda for my next typecasts !!

This is somehow very positive because a) I will probably stop buying typewriters for a while as I have found the one I could start writing my book on b) it proved that with a bit of patience there are great vintage well preserved typewriters at a reasonable price !!

On the next days - or whenever possible - I will also prepare a page about the Halda typewriters. There isn't really a lot on the internet and it will be interesting to dig further !

Thanks again for reading and till the next typecast :)


  1. Looks like you have found your muse, David! Excellent pictures (and so many!) of a beautiful machine. A stroke of good fortune to find it in such great condition, too.

    It's a very nice hunter green color, and the hinged ribbon cover reminds me of the Olympia SM3 and the Underwood Universal - I agree that it can be very convenient!

  2. Thank you Adwoa !
    I am waiting a few more special ones but this is really hard to beat :-)

  3. I came across this and noticed some of your detailed findings of this machine were similar to an analysis I made of a Swedish Facit typewriter... http://fossilswithoutfear.blogspot.com/2010/07/fascinating-facit.html
    Upon looking up the history it looks like you have the Original. Nice find.

  4. yes yours is very similar indeed :) I think the finish of my Halda is lightly different - perhaps this was only sold in the German part of Europe and Sweden of course !

  5. I just got one of these. Very well-made typewriter, with good features (but no tab). I love the rubber strip that runs around the base of the machine, substituting for the usual 4 feet.

  6. Very nice report. Great photos. Thanks!

    Found one of these yesterday. Almost mint condition at SEK 30 (less than USD 5) at a flee market! I feel almost bad for the people who once were involved of making these-

    But where do you guys buy a ribbon that fits?

  7. G'day mate,

    I was luckily to get my hands on a Halga P the other day but I am wondering where do you find the serial number? Also what type of ink ribbon do you use?