Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Invasion of the Typewriters - Typewriting from Zürich


Brosette - Photo from Adwoa 


  1. Great typecast! Nicely laid out on the page and I can see the Hermes Media 3 is working out well :)

    Good idea about the writing contest, but you'll need to give us a few more guidelines! Theme? Deadline? Format of the submission? Will winners/ entries be featured on the blog? etc

    Money is not a very imaginative prize, I think ;) A typewriter... maybe, but how far are you willing to mail one? It could get tricky - packaging, customs, high shipping costs. How about - a nice pen, some cool stationery, a Moleskine notebook, a pack of ribbon (I would loooove some non-black ribbon).

  2. Muito bom, nosso site tem a ver com portão automático e motor para portão PPA, confiram...