Friday, October 1, 2010

Annabella Typewriter - Antares

Hello Everyone !
As promised here is an update on the latest arrival: the Annabella typewriter.
This is an Italian made typewriter by the company Antares. What is pretty curious is that, just a few days ago, I was admiring this typewriter on this website and I was just thinking that may be, somewhen, I will
find one too.

After just a couple of days I found one for sale in Germany and I had to get it as the color scheme
and sizing made it an interesting one :)  

Original warranty and instructions

see the smart color changing mechanism

And the typeset :)
Unfortunately the capitals seems to be not well aligned..I still don't know how to fix this so any idea
is very welcome :)

I still need to so some cleaning but I can't really complain. The packing of the typewriter was not so good so I had to set some of the keys that fell during the delivery

minor signs of usage

Nice logo  :D

I think it was kept pretty well

Somehow I think that this will fit well in my office as a usable typewriter - it also has a pretty well kept
leather case/bag so it could even work as a laptop. I hope I can find a way to adjust the capitals alignment or it will be fairly weird !

Thanks again for watching - soon you might see a typecast with Annabella :)


  1. Congratulations on your blog. I'll add it to my list of typecasters on The Classic Typewriter Page.

    I have an Annabella that I imported to the US from Germany because I just love the design and colors.

  2. Hello Richard,
    many thanks for your comments and for adding me to your list :) This is a honor :)
    I do write for myself but having some visitor from time to time is a good reason to write more and post more photos of the growing collection. Coming soon a groma kolibri green/creme ! :)

  3. Beautiful typewriter, and I agree that the logo is just gorgeous. Pity about the capital letter alignment though, I find that it happens most often to carriage-shifted machines.

    Hope the Kolibri is faring better! :)

  4. Thank you Adwoa ! Actually the logo is misleading as someone might thing that this typewriter would have a script typeface hehe :) Personally I like the standard one (Pica 10 I guess) I was also very happy to find the original instructions and warranty--I suspect I won't be able to use that warranty to fix the alignment issue thou :)

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