Monday, October 4, 2010

Consul Portable Typewriter 232

This is another curious machine that recently joined my "usable" collection: a Green aqua Consul 232 with original warranty and instructions.  Given the status I have paid slightly more than usual to the seller )  but I have even seen the same one  (in worse conditions indeed) selling at almost 500 Euro ??
I did pay far less than that !

The Consul beauty makes it very suitable as main typewriter in my office - perhaps sharing this place with the Annabella. I really love the portable look and feel of both. These typewriters weight pretty much the same (3.6 Kgs ) but I feel that the consul is slightly smaller. On a negative side vs. the Annabella it is truly a no frills typewriter (black only, no tabs etc.)

The first set of photos are of the typewriter in my house with the new ribbon (to install it I had to struggle quiet a bit ..mostly due to my incompetence limited experience with this type of typewriters:

and here are some Photos from the seller. In some it really looks blue and not green :)

Original warranty from 1965 !

These Typewriters are not very rare per see but this is certainly well kept (and gorgeous). It types
very well without any major alignment issue so I will try to post my new Typecast with the consul.

This is so weird: this typewriter was manufactured well before my birth and it still works very well.

What is somehow dangerous is the recent appearance of the same typewriters in different colour shades on ebay. This makes it fairly dangerous for my ....erm.... current addiction   fast growing collection.

Sometimes I look at hoping not to find any good deal and I regularly find one :)
I still have some place but perhaps I shouldn't really get the same typewriter in different colors unless I can really use it.

To be fair I don't think I am really a collector. Collecting doesn't imply using and I would not like to have a non usable typewriter or even a rare model with the wrong keyboard layout. This, thankfully, limits my damages but not that much as in Germany there are really several typewriters for sale !

So far the Halda is my primary typewriter at home but I had yet none in office and the Annabella and the Consul can certainly find a place there. I am waiting two Tippas (a gosser and a Tippa 1) but somehow will less enthusiasm than the Kolibri and the second Brosette that I am really intrigued about !
I even found a brand new olympia traveller (still in the original packing, never used). A typewriter of the 70's notable for its design. I am really curious on how it would fare vs. a used one !


  1. This is my favorite Consul model - beautiful turquoise color, compact, very nice curves. This one's on my wish list for sure :)

    I hate to be the one to tell you - the ribbon is installed backwards. The best way to go about it is take the whole length of the ribbon behind the vibrator, and then just move it forward through the loops. The external prongs should be covered, not the internal ones as you have it. Look at the ribbons on the machines I sent you and see if you can figure it out... the great thing is that once you get it right on one machine, you'll know for all the others... the mechanism doesn't change that much.

  2. P.S. - In fact, in the pictures from the seller, it is installed correctly. So you can use that as a guide as well.

  3. hello and thanks a lot ! I did figured it out in the end :)