Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Groma Kolibri Typewriter

Hello readers :)
Here it is - finally a review of the newly arrived Groma Kolibri. Seen as one of the most loved typewriters (mostly due to the limited size and flatness making it ultra flat) you might want to have a closer look of the one I have just received. First is not the classical red burgundy one but in green/creme color.  To make this posting even more interesting I have typecasted my review using the kolibri.  As always you can also see many photos below - hopefully enjoying the curious arrival in my collection. 
Thanks again for reading this and your comments !

Just cleaned all the letters and seems to write pretty well - what do you think (see typecast to see how it types)

Logo still intact but with some minor scratches

Receipt and test writing still inside the bag after so many years  !

Date and all details of the seller/buyer. As it is now an invoice but a delivery statement no price is mentioned

Test Writing :)

Seller Fotos   no scratches on these ones :)

The mechanics of the keys seems different to other typewriters I own and the sold bars here seems to make it, after many years of non use perhaps, fairly stiff to write with


  1. I love Kolibris and don't find them difficult to type on. However, it is true that they don't have the ease of a good mid-sized typewriter. As I recall, the key tension can actually be adjusted by bending a couple of metal tabs that are found under the typebar cover -- but I have only increased the tension, not decreased it. The type lever mechanism, which keeps the keys always horizontal, is unique for such a small typewriter and is better-known on a few midsize machines such as Smith-Corona and Erika portables.

  2. Nice pictures! Thanks for posting. All the best with the new purchases.

  3. Hello Richard - Thanks for the hint. I will try again but perhaps mine needs more maintenance. Compared to the Consul or others I own it is a bit of a struggle to write with. I am waiting another one so I will se if this is a machine related issue or just a general one !

  4. Great find. I always hope to see one of these in the wild, but no luck thus far.

  5. Hello Strikethru,
    if you need help in finding one let me know... only bad side the shipment might be pretty high from Europe :)

  6. Hello David
    I found your blog when browsing for information about Groma Kolibri typewriters. I found one in a pile of things to be thrown away at my mothers.
    This typewriter is black and still in its case.
    It has got an Icelandic keyboard.
    I was wondering how can I find out how old it is? And I´m curious to find out more about it, can you help?
    best regarda
    Kristin (

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