Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Olympia Traveller Typewriter from 1972 but brand new

Welcome to the time machine !
Here is my new Olympia Traveller Typewriter "brand new" from 1972.  It was still in its original packaging since it was produced - never used never opened. Somehow it was a bit like jumping on the time machine and opened it in 1972. Amazingly enough almost 40 years after it is still a new typewriter !!

Here is a detail of the original packing

 The box

After the box we see the original plastic protection with a warning: do not open beside for checking or usage

From far

cleaning utensils 

To avoid humidity it was packed with the "trockenmittel" to keep it try

Outside the plastic

Well ordered inside even after 38 years !

Date of Warranty 31 Jan 1972

Nice typeface of the 70's

 Special instructions to remove the various protections including plastic pins

Ribbon and protection

 The keyboard with my favorite German layout that includes the ß

Brand new !

Nice detail of the back

Rings a bell ? :)

Welcome www.9.ai reader !  For the first time in 38 years some ink
Which typeface is this ?  Not a lot of spacing between the letters !


Here it is ready for use



I hope you enjoyed this special review of this old but new typewriter. The typing is still a bit stiff given that it is new and the original ribbon a bit dry but it certainly a gorgeous typewriter for a typecast, letters
and pretty much everything !
Feel free to comment and giving me some hints about which typeface is this olympia using ! (elite?)
Thanks for reading !


  1. Sweet!

    New old stock is exciting. I also like the German style of typewriter ribbon boxes (bakelite or similar plastic, instead of metal). Enjoy!

  2. Simply amazing! Thanks for putting up the unboxing pictures, this was a really great post and it's lots of fun to scroll down and see the reveal.

    Isn't it wonderful to have a brand new typewriter? The type is perfectly aligned for once! I think I would classify the typeface as "continental elite" - it is 11 characters per inch (I can tell because the ruler goes up to 90), slightly smaller than pica, slightly larger than elite. I like this typeface and I have it on a couple of my typewriters as well, like the black plastic Tippa.

    This is a nice find and was definitely worth buying :-)

  3. Hello :) glad that you enjoyed the review ! Thanks for the hint regarding the font. Still I think that there are always small difference between producers e.g. the s is certainly different and so the number 9 I think. So Elite would be even smaller than this ? It was a good buy and a strange feeling as it is really like going back in time. It was all so diligently packed that it was almost a pity to open it ;) The typewriter is slightly harder to type with that what I expected from a new one but it smells like brand new and all well aligned. It feels a bit like cheating thou because nothing beats the excitement of an old typewriter in good conditions ! It is also heavier than the Consul or the Annabella !

  4. Ha, ha. The only times I had ever seen the public unboxing ritual before this was for Apple products. Do you suppose we have become typewriter phanboiz? It sure will remain a rare event, though. Couldn't happen to a nicer technology. Thanks for sharing this.
    == Michael

  5. Type a group of the letter n and measure 1 inch of the letters. If there are 10 characters to the inch, it's pica, 12 and it's elite.

  6. Hello Michael, glad that you liked it ! It was just a rare event to find such a relatively old typewriter still in the original packaging ..perhaps more rare than one of my beloved Macs ! Unfortunately I think that computers get obsolete much faster than mechanical typewriters. In a way as long as ribbons are available (and, as of now, this is the case) nothing else is needed while using a Mac OS 9 will not find much working software nowadays :)

  7. Hello Roland,
    I think this is a bit in between the two so should be 11 characters per inch !

  8. This is an excellent review. I'm trying to find new typewriter in Russia, but found only one store in Moscow, which sells only one model Olympia traveler C, which cost about $ 210. I live in St.Petersburg, it's not small cost, and my wife says I don't need it. Oh, but I want this thing so much because, maybe, in 2-3 years we will never find things like this. alive thing, not as a PC.

  9. What a fantastic review! You just discover a typewriter of the same age as me, but in definitely much better shape than I. It was fantastic seeing the process of taking it out of the box; it almost felt like the morning after Christmas, right?

    As for the stiffness of the keyboard, I know what you mean; I just got my hands on a NOS Olympia SG3 from the mid- to late-1990s, and the keyboard is also tight. in my machine there's a control level that lets you adjust a tension system that regulates how stiff is the keyboard; maybe the Traveller has a similar feature somewhere.

  10. This is going to be a long shot, but seeing you've got the same typewriter with the original manual. I need your help.

  11. Just bought one of these for my daughter (13 and a budding writer) so I've been searching the Internet for a new ribbon and found a user manual which might help you... http://www.typewriters.ch/files/manuals/AEG-Olympia-Traveller_manual.pdf

  12. How big is the box? Could you send me more photos of the box? My email is texbodemer (at) gmail.com

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