Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brosette Typewriter - Manual Portable from the 50's

The Brosette is German fairly rare typewriter (excellent information about these typewriters are available here ).
I was lucky to buy one of the second newer generation from Retro Tech Geneva which I will not feature in this post mostly because it is well displayed on that blog so I wouldn't want to run a duplicate post.

What I will  present are two I was lucky enough to find and buy from Germany. One is a Brosette Spezial from the first production in 1953 and the second is apparently from 1954 with a shiny paint finish. 

Starting with the first: this was bought by a Typewriter Mechanic that did I great work. It was anyway in good conditions but some of the details let me think that it was further improved.

Here is how it arrived, with the case in excellent conditions too:

On the back there is still the plate from the dealer " "Heinzel and Reitzner, Hersbruck/Mfr.”"

The paint finish is different than later version. It is the first time I saw this model anywhere . It is a lighter green than the usual model 1 Brosette 

It looks like this something has been replaced or new rubber ?

Serial Number 12852 

Here is the second Brosette: This is a later model that features a shiny paint finish. I did pay less for this one but have spent several hours to bring it back to life (mostly cleaning, I am not really a good mechanic) 

Nice Logo ! 
Typeface is the standard Brosette Pica but very crisp 

Serial 16766 

And here they are together 

 Retro Ad

I hope you have enjoyed this special on Brosette typewriters. These are certainly very special typewriters: what I find unique is the portability (highly portable for the 50's) and the simplicity yet beauty of the design. In terms of typing experience I was lucky and both are very much usable. This is certainly important to me ! On the other hand, given the relative rarity of the Brosette, I am somehow afraid to use it too much but will certainly do from time to time !! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

100% Cotton Paper and Handmade Hermes Baby typewriter business cards

Hello Everyone !
I just wanted to share an innovative (or well, at least I think so) way to make some unique business cards. These are going to be as unique as letterpress business cards (you can see some amazing ones from Dolce Press here) but in a very different way !

First of all as you can't really beat the visual WOW effect of many fantastic designs you need to have a very special paper.  The Paper has to stand out as if you do create the same business cards in normal paper it will just look like something  very cheap. Nothing wrong with cheap but, as the name suggests, the business card should drive you business or at least keep you in business :)

In my experiment I am using hand made 100% cotton Amatruda Amalfi Paper made in Amalfi, Italy (just close to Naples on the coast). It is made in Amalfi since the 12th Century with pretty much the same process.

This particular format (10x7cm) it is all but cheap (47.50 Euro x 100 cards that is around 66$) but on the other hand you are not going to pay any printing cost beside your own work ;-)

Obviously you can use much less expensive yet special paper. For example there is the curious sheep poo paper that is fairly priced yet very unique. I am using that for some letterheads and, beside the fact that like the cotton paper is done entirely without killing any tree. Entirely organic. There are hundred of possibilities so as long as your paper looks special the price doesn't really matter !

In my case I just love the Amalfi one so I decided to try it out. Here is one of the cards before the printing:

It has a  different texture than the normal Amatruda writing paper. It is not flat yet not a laid paper. It still have the typical texture and signs of cotton, hand made and hand cut paper 

For the second step you need to summon a typewriter :) in this case the Hermes Baby from the 70's 

Some attention in rolling the paper into the typewriter is needed. This is a smallish format so you need to set the right margins or at least be sure that you are not wasting (given the step price of the paper) one or more cards !

And here is the final result:

Below with a slightly better formatting 

 multiple copies of the same card - each hand typed ! (so it would be a bit like letter pressed!)

What do you think about the result ? 
Well obviously this isn't for mass production of several hundred cards  (If you need that, I recommend Moo.Com  that is rather inexpensive and allows you to print in two siders with your own photos on one side) but it could work well for few (50-100-150) cards. 

Before you start thinking that I am totally crazy ;) I do have some regular business cards too. For these I have used a typewriter like font (not for the whole card but for the address and telephone number).

Yet the "real thing" is a card entirely written with a typewriter as above. Obviously this isn't letterpress  or anything as fancy but I think that few (certainly not all) receivers can appreciate the difference in a 100% hand made card (paper is hand made and so the printing).  I feel that a script typewriter is very suitable for this as regular ones can be misunderstood for one of the several hundred of typewriter-like typefaces. 

Let me know what you think ! I eagerly await your comments
David www.9.ai

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hermes Baby Orange Typewriter 70s Script Font !

Photos  from my desk 

Here is the 70's or 60's Elephant that I bought from the same seller together with the typewriter.
They travelled in the same box but I don't think that the Elephant had a lot to write during the trip :)

And here are the original auction Photos, yes I know much better than mines !!! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Groma Kolibri Typewriter

Hello 9.ai readers :)
Here it is - finally a review of the newly arrived Groma Kolibri. Seen as one of the most loved typewriters (mostly due to the limited size and flatness making it ultra flat) you might want to have a closer look of the one I have just received. First is not the classical red burgundy one but in green/creme color.  To make this posting even more interesting I have typecasted my review using the kolibri.  As always you can also see many photos below - hopefully enjoying the curious arrival in my collection. 
Thanks again for reading this and your comments !

Just cleaned all the letters and seems to write pretty well - what do you think (see typecast to see how it types)

Logo still intact but with some minor scratches

Receipt and test writing still inside the bag after so many years  !

Date and all details of the seller/buyer. As it is now an invoice but a delivery statement no price is mentioned

Test Writing :)

Seller Fotos   no scratches on these ones :)

The mechanics of the keys seems different to other typewriters I own and the sold bars here seems to make it, after many years of non use perhaps, fairly stiff to write with