Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Royal Caravan (or Fleetwood?) Portable Typewriter

Hello again !
To redeem myself from the few postings in the last days here is my second post of the day !!
A Royal Caravan (or, according to this site a fleetwood?   if you happened to know more about this feel free to leave a comment !!) typewriter.  In my collection this is the third typewriter I bought online from the U.S. 

I don't do this often but as my favorite typewriters are these from the 60s-70s this was too good to pass on ! According to Machines of Loving Grace this design was influenced by Danish design:

"For better or worse, some things are an unmistakable reflection of their era. The Fleetwood, not content with just an accent of fake wood grain, had its entire upper half styled in fake wood grain. For good measure, its very square clamshell lid is, also. And because Danish Moderne lines and fake wood grain weren't hip enough, the lid had a transistor radio built into it, too."

In terms of writing it is really a very good typewriter. I am not very happy about some of the yellow keys  but overall it is a nice piece for both display and real writing !

Obviously the wood is just plastic and the whole typewriter, apparently made in Japan, is not suitable if you dislike the material.  Personally, with the two Orange Hermes and the Valentine, I have started to like the plastic bodies as they make the typewriter much lighter. Obviously it might not be as durable as a metal typewriter like the brosette but I still like them a lot. 

The closed view matches the woody body 

Few keys are pretty yellow..

But overall a good specimen !

Pretty standard Pica yet nice typeface. Perhaps Royal Pica is unique to Royal typewriters ??

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that in case you wonder the floor that I used as background is real wood and not plastic :) !!

Unboxing a New Olivetti Valentine Portable Typewriter Sottsass Design

Hello and happy new year :) 

The 2011 started at full steam with a lot of things to do and new exciting engagements.  As promised I limited my recent purchases to very special typewriters. What is very special in my book is mostly related to design and typeface. I receive a fantastic red olivetti valentine for Xmas and by total chance (you know how this happens) I found another one that I couldn't let go so easily: a Valentine in its original box.

With the various holidays it arrived today and for your enjoyment here are the unboxing photos. If you are an attentive observer you can see that the color of this Valentine is not the same of my Xmas one. The Xmas one is really red and this is more of an orange - lighter. Too bad I didn't take a picture with both (perhaps next time) but this is proven by the fact that the two Valentine were from different plans. This new one was made in Mexico and has a German Keyboard. The Xmas one was made in Spain and has a Swiss German keyboard layout. The only thing to be the same is the typeface but my third (and hopefully last) Valentine is on its way with a very different and unique typeface ! :) 

Enjoy the Photos.