Friday, July 22, 2011

Royal Quiet DeLuxe Gold Plated Typewriter

Hello Everyone !
After a long silence I am happy to share the latest member of my collection: A royal Quiet Deluxe Gold plated typewriter !
It is reported to be similar to the one that  Ian Fleming , of James Bond fame, owned. I can't find several similar ones online but only an older gold plated model (so if you know more about this model please let me know in the comments !). 

So how I ended up finding this? As it often happens by a coincidence: browsing ebay for the unusual typewriters. I have found this one from an UK seller. This happened after I spotted a gold princess in Adwoa's blog and thought that may be there was another gold plated typewriter on ebay ?

It is really in pristine conditions so I assume that the previous owner didn't really use it a lot for writing !
The glass keys are really a pleasure to write with. It had a small capital letter alignment problem but, after some work and restoring with oil etc. I think I have pretty much fixed it now. 

I am really thrilled to write more with this new typewriter ! :) The layout is not the standard qwertz used here in Switzerland but I don't even think that Royal ever did any non qwerty gold plated. 

It wasn't cheap but I think that it was really worth it. With too many typewriters I cannot justify adding yet another to my collection unless is really difficult to pass and this did fit the bill.

What do you think about this typewriter ? I think it is from the 50's but if you do have some more information let me know. I do look forward to your comments !