Friday, February 15, 2013

Royal Safari Typewriter

Royal Safari Typewriter: A Review

This is not a new machine but one that I never featured in my blog before. Somehow an "hidden in plain sight treasure". The Royal Safari typewriter is highly recommended if you love the 60's-70's design and are looking for something truly special. Do you like the new blog template ? Which is your favourite U.S. Typewriter ? Let me know in the comments ! 


  1. Identifying my favorite U.S. manufactured typewriter is a challenge. In my collection and on looks alone, I pick the Gold Royal QDL or Remington Noisless 8. Neither ranks as my favorite machine to actually type on. I have a Corona flat top in repair phase that is vying for that spot.

    I found an identical Royal Safari with same typeface at an antique mall in December. It is may favorite cursive typeface; although I would love to get hold of an IBM Executive proportional machine.

  2. My favorite American typewriters are the ones in my collection- Remington Portable Model 2 and burgundy Smith-Corona Sterling Floating Shift. I also love my yellow Montgomery Ward Escort 55 but that's really an Italian Olivetti Lettera 32.

  3. I really love the capital letters in the typeface of your Safari! This is a good typewriter. I saw a nice one for sale locally recently (see my "Typewriter hunting" entry the other day). They are basically the very popular Quiet DeLuxe of the '50s in a space age body.

    Your new blog format is appealing. The lined paper makes digital text slightly difficult to read, but the typecasts are of course readable once you click to enlarge them.

    I have many favorite American antiques from the 1890s, but for practical typewriters I'd say ... hmm ... '30s streamlined Smith Corona portables ... Remington noiseless portables ... Royal KMM and FP ...

  4. Dwayne: thanks for your comment. Interesting I have a similar experience on good look vs good typing - sometimes the sexy ones are not as comfortable to type on. But again is not like I write a full novel with it :) So far I think the Royals have the winning spot on comfort but the Halda I have is also very fine to type with. Perhaps much depends also on the condition of the typewriter.

  5. Ton S.: I nver tried a model 2 but I know the olivetti 32 are really good ones to type with !

  6. Richard: thanks for your comments. I did see the one you found in your blog. Was it one with elite typeface? It seemed as a real bargain. I am looking for a safari in yellow - may be you spot one in your hunting. BTW are you still looking for a brosette or any typewriter you might want from Europe ?

  7. Richard is right the ruled line could be annoying on the new design. Will look for alternatives e.g. a moleskine without ruled lines :)

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  9. template changed.. this one should be better :)

  10. I personally like the Brother Charger 11, the Smith-Corona Sterling (1963), the Royal Custom II (basically a Safari), and the Royal Royalite.

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  12. I would love to make this into a useable font! Is there anyway you could type ever character on a piece of paper and scan it? I will convert it!

  13. Your post caught my eye because somewhere in this house is the same Royal blue Safari you "just" reviewed; it's the typewriter I grew up with and typed (or had my mom type) all my school papers. I must dig it out and see what I think from the perspective of many years later, and having tried many other typewriters.

    I'm pretty new to the typosphere and my collection is small, but so far I'd have to say my favorite machine is another Royal, the KMG. It won't win any beauty contests, but as with people, the fonder you grow the more beautiful it seems. Solid and easy to operate (once you figure out the ribbon direction without a manual), it draws you in. I prefer the black finish of the KMM over the KMG's gray, but the "tombstone" shaped keys sit more naturally under the fingertips, so function wins over form. At the left side of the platen is a simple, yet practical feature, a marking that lets you know when you are approaching the end of the page. One more thing: the carriage return on the KMG is surprisingly substantial (mine has a 15" carriage, which contributes to its heft, I'm sure.) Returning that carriage is a decisive movement and inspires the typist to write with an assertiveness equal to the gesture.

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