Sunday, December 15, 2013

ABC Typewriter 1960

A more detailed description:

In 1955 the Koch's Adler Sewing Machine Company of Bielefeld, Germany, launched its first typewriter, a portable machine that immediately stood apart from all other typewriters of the 1950s. The reason was its slender brilliant design, the work of the Bauhaus pioneer Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Neatly bringing together all the modern features of a typewriter of its time, the ABC was made to look good from every perspective and on any decor. Adding even more to the fantastic lines, the ABC was produced in different bold color combinations.

The machine on offer was made in 1960 and features a glossy pinkish-orange color with 44 ivory keys (88 characters). This model was made just after introduction of the ribbon selector device (with a lever at the right side of the machine, see picture 3), offering two-color plus stencil. Another nice feature of this ABC is a red triangle on the right carriage handle which warns the typist of the page end approaching.

Brand: ABC
Manufacturer: Koch Adler Nähmaschinen Werke A.G. – Bielefeld, West Germany
Designer: Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900-1990), Bauhaus pioneer
Serial Number: 3-59116
Year of production: 1960 
Production period: 1955-1963
Keyboard: german QWERTZ
Weight: 4 Kg


  1. Very nice looking typewriter. I do not have any ABC typewriter or any nice colored typewriters in my collection yet.

    I always have getting another typewriter in mind. Over the holidays I do not plan (but who knows I may get one) to buy another typewirter. A fountain pen perhaps.

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  2. Nice to see you posting. That's a beautiful ABC and great quote from O'Connor.

    I am awaiting a green Everest K2 Deluxe.

  3. That's a very festive typewriter. It's Xmas every day for typewriter hunters (or at least Xmas on any day that an interesting typewriter crops up).

  4. Truth be told, I deleted you from my blog roll because I thought you were gone for good. Well, back to the roll you go. Welcome back!

  5. Hello,

    I’m very new to vintage typewriters. But I just managed to save Remington Standard No. 11.

    It’s in amazingly good condition and all mechanical pieces work except the guide for tape (and tape is empty). I think it’s called tape vibrator. The “ears” to install are broken off.

    I wanted to ask if you know where to get this or compatible part. Also what type of tape can be fitted into it.

    Sorry for disturbing with such basics but starting with so scarce info is difficult.

    Many thanks in advance!

    With best regards,

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