Saturday, March 16, 2013

Remington Streamliner Typewriter

The Remington Streamliner makes it as my 2013 Birthday gift to myself. Bought at a premium price as "revitalized" one it is in good conditions (and excellent visual conditions) but with some technical quirks (the more worrying a possible "a full word in one single space syndrome" when it gets stuck but working on fixing. In following my new found love for American typewriters the Dr. Jekyll typewriters collector in me is secretly plotting to buy a Remington noiseless (thanks to Richard  for the kind advice).

Do you have a Remington 5 or similar and a noiseless one ? Let me know your review of both in the comments or on your own blog.  Did you ever encounter this stuck - not advancement sometimes - quick in a Remington and know how to fix it ?  (possibly without a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering ) Let me know in the comments ! Thanks !!! 

Below you can find the Etsy photos. Is it me or seller photos do always look better? :)