Saturday, April 6, 2013

Smith-Corona "The Ghost" Typewriter

"The Ghost" typewriter (a.k.a. refurbished and chromed Smith-Corona)has arrived. Before you feel WOW about this note that, despite the very high price tag, it present the symptoms of the "skipping spaces randomly" syndrome. But in terms of look it is as nice as pictured in the various online photos and I am even hopeful to be able to contact somewhen next week one of the only typewriters repairs in Zürich that might fix the space skipping issue.  In terms of writing comfort I did hear a lot about this Smith-Corona model and, not because of the space skipping, I have to rate this as pretty much average. Just in memory of previous ill judgments on the olivetti valentine I did try it again side by side and I have to say that the Valentine is way better. It might be because both the two Valentine I have are in very good conditions (the one I use in my office was totally new and unboxed for the first time). In terms of precious typewriters the  Gold Plated Royal Quiet De Luxe is also way better. 

Sorry for sounding a bit negative / too frank on this ! Perhaps the look compensate some of these deficiencies !

With hindsight perhaps typewriters in their original state are not better either...or simply better ?! 

What do you think? Feel free to let me know though the comments !